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1000 litre ibc tank liquid storage containers

The IBC composite intermediate bulk container is the best choice of liquid packaging materials.
Compound medium size bulk container (IBC), has a history of more than 30 years in the world. In the last century 90's, it began to spread rapidly, and has been widely used.
Safe and environmental friendly, easy to mechanical loading and unloading, saving storage and transportation space and convenient filling and discharge, IBC has now become a new generation of liquid packaging products after the steel drums and plastic barrels, so it is praised by customers.
IBC is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and food industries, and is suitable for the transportation of dangerous goods of Ⅱ,Ⅲ class and non dangerous goods.

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IBC tank Advantages

IBC filling port 150mm to realize quick and high flow rate filling,and 1000L can be filled  or drained for one time.

200L round barrel's filling port is normally less than 70mm, flow rate is just 1/5 of IBC barrel. 1000L volume will be respectively filled or drained for 5 times.

IBC can be transported and loaded as a whole by forklift.Inner container is transparent and marked with volume scale to facilitate volume and weight calculation.Round barrels normally need manual handling.Usually tray and manual fixation are needed for machinery handling.Round barrel is not transparent and no volume scale.
IBC tank is cubic,its clearance is very small after stacking which can save transportation and storage space.20% unuable space remained after stacking of round barrels.
IBC filling is very quick,liquid is only exposed to air for a short time.Residual liquid is less than 200ml after IBC draining.every component can be recycled.200L round barrel's low filling flow rate result in liquid's long exposure to air.Residual liquid of five 200L barrel is normally exceeds 500ml.
1000L IBC barrel material consumption only equals 1.6 times of 200L plastic resin consumption and 2.3 times of 200L steel barrel's steel consumption,but the latter's filling volume is only 780L.Compared with IBC, for the same volume of liquid,200L round barrel needs 20% more material.

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